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Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Real Estate LawFor many of us, the purchase of real estate in Clearfield County is the single greatest financial investment we will ever make. During the closing process, The Cummings Law Firm, LLC will do the following to ensure that you can feel safe with your purchase and that your transaction progresses as smoothly as possible:

    • Review or prepare your purchase contract
    • Determine through a title search whether title to the real estate is marketable and/or insurable by a title company
    • Obtain necessary title insurance coverage from a reputable title company
    • Arrange for a survey to be performed on your real estate (if desired or required)
    • Advocate for you by negotiating contract terms and resolving disputes
    • Acquire loan documents and requirements from your lender and coordinate the closing process with them
    • Ensure that all contract and lender requirements are complete
    • Meet with you to review and sign all real estate closing documents (the "Closing")
    • Record all required documents in the appropriate Clerk's Office
    • Disburse all payments and fees required to complete your real estate closing
    • Respond to your questions throughout the real estate closing process

Once you have selected The Cummings Law Firm, LLC to handle your real estate closing, please provide us with a signed copy of your purchase contract (usually provided to us by your real estate agent). Please also notify your mortgage company that the Cummings Law Firm, LLC will be handling your real estate closing so that your lender can provide us necessary information about your loan. Throughout the process, we will contact you to request additional information such as which company you have selected to provide homeowners' insurance and whether you would like a survey performed on the property. As the closing date nears, we will assemble the final settlement figures and provide you with the amount of funds needed for closing (our goal is to provide this information to you 24-48 hours prior to closing). On the date of your real estate closing, we can perform your settlement at whichever of our offices is most convenient for you.

Our relationships with local lenders, realtors, title insurance providers and title abstractors are stellar and make us a great source for AFFORDABLE YET PROFESSIONAL Clearfield County Real Estate Closings! You will not be disappointed.

Landowners frequently find themselves asserting or defending a claim for ingress or egress regarding their real estate. If another before them did not adequately document the matter or if a client is looking to document it for the first time, The Cummings Law Firm, LLC can assist you in easement and right of way matters in Clearfield County. The Cummings Law Firm, LLC also focuses heavily upon boundary line disputes, whether in your backyard or at your camp. Our connection to the best surveyors puts us at the front of the pack when it comes to getting the advantage you need. Give us a call today!

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