Oil & Gas Law

The Cummings Law Firm, LLC attorneys work in matters related to exploration, development, production, transportation and marketing of oil and gas reserves.

Oil & Gas LawThis cooperative approach provides a distinct advantage for clients seeking comprehensive and integrated assistance with all areas of energy law, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations, project finance, contracts, permits, regulatory matters, rights-of-way and title reviews.


The Cummings Law Firm, LLC attorneys negotiate local Clearfield, Centre, Elk and Jefferson County contracts with both gas companies and landowners on the terms of oil and gas leases, surface and subsurface agreements, pooling and unitization agreements and damage releases.


Oil & Gas LawThe Cummings Law Firm, LLC has represented numerous clients in matters relating to the transportation of oil, gas and other minerals through pipelines. Our attorneys are experienced in the examination of title documents, preparation of right-of-way and servitude agreements, negotiation of terms of rights-of-way and servitudes with attorneys for landowners and the landowners themselves. Our Firm attorneys have developed a close working relationship with executives from companies securing and constructing pipelines. We participate in due diligence examination of records in connection with sales and transfers of pipelines, and negotiate and prepare documents relating to the sales and transfers of pipelines, systems and facilities.

Title Examination

We also handle the rendering of title opinions for exploration companies contracting with the owners of oil, gas and mineral rights. Our lawyers draw upon our research library of memoranda addressing a wide array of issues and problems of importance to the industry. We are trusted throughout our industry.

Title Curing

Our Firm handles curing of issues regarding the quality of sub-surface rights or ingress/egress rights. Our firm has been involved in litigation regarding the Pennsylvania Private Road Act and the Pennsylvania Dormant Oil and Gas Act. Our experience is locally unrivaled in these areas and this is surely to your benefit.

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